Helping Relationships and Families Flourish


RAFC counselling services are offered in the following manner:

Individual Counselling

For individuals who are having problems in their relationships or families. This is to assist the individual in handling the situation or making decisions on steps to take regarding the challenges faced. Individual counselling is also offered for individual problems, mental illnesses, stress related problems aWe see patients that are admitted and personal growth.

Mental illness can result in relationship problems and relationship problems can also trigger mental illness in some individuals. Individual counselling is used in this case to treat mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, etc. This helps the individual to heal and face challenges in the relationship in a better way and also be in a position to make certain decisions regarding the relationship going forward.

Couples Counselling

For couples who are having challenges in their relationship and seeking assistance on how to handle the challenges. Counselling in this instance can assist in making decisions regarding the relationship and the challenges faced. Couple counselling can also assist to build a better relationship or marriage. Pre-marital counselling is also offered as part of couple’s counselling to prepare the couple for marital life.

In hospital counselling/Inpatient Counselling

For people who are admitted in hospital for stress or mental illness, we offer inpatient counselling. The problems we deal with are severe depression and anxiety, bipolar mood disorder, domestic violence and/or couple relationship problems that led to severe stress or mental breakdown/exhaustion and any other psychological problem.

Group Counselling

For individuals who need support from other people who are going through the same issue. Group counselling is offered mostly for bereavement and child-related problems. Members of the group support each other while the group is led by a qualified psychologist. Group counselling can help members with finding solutions for their problems from other group members, it also assists in normalizing one's feelings by finding out that what you are going through is not abnormal and you are not alone.

Family Counselling

For a family that is going through challenges, trauma, bereavement, diagnosis of a terminal illness of a family member, etc. Family counselling can help as support for a family, healing the family and bringing the family back together so that it can flourish.

RAFC Workshop Services

RAFC offers workshops aimed at individual and couples. Workshops are on the following topics.

Conflict Management

Building a Better Relationship

Sex & Intimacy


Premarital Workshop

Many more… (Workshop topics can also be offered per request).

Psychological Test/Assessment Services

For adults and children that requires psychological assessments. The assessments that are conducted at RAFC are diagnostic, projective, scholastic, intellectual and medico-legal assessments and reports. Psychological tests or assessments can assist to diagnose the problem or disorder that a person is suffering from. It can also assist in making a decision regarding the treatment option of an individual or for legal purposes.