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Amongst other things, the outbreak of COVID 19 affects the way we do business and conduct sessions. At times like these, it’s good to remember that we have the required technology available to conduct sessions remotely.

You have the option to request online counselling (either telephone or video) or face to face counselling.

If you have travelled to any area considered at risk or you have been in contact with someone with the virus, we urge you to request online sessions with us instead of face to face.

Welcome to The Relationship and Family Centre (RAFC)

The Relationship and Family Centre (RAFC) is a counselling and workshop centre in Pretoria. it was founded and headed by a Clinical Psychologist, Dr Veronica Sivhabu who has been in practice for more than 10 years. The centre is known for its passion and success in counselling couples who are going through difficulties in their relationships/marriages or who just want to better things in their relationships or marriages.

The Relationship and Family Centre (RAFC) is a counselling and workshop centre aimed for individuals, couples and families who are facing challenges in their family lives. RAFC provides families (whether together or separated) with counselling about family relationship issues, ranging from building better relationships to dispute resolution. RAFC also offers workshops to individuals and couples.

RAFC counselling services

Counselling services are offered in a range of areas. The following are some of the areas that counseling focuses on:



Infidelity/Extra-marital affairs

Step families/Step children

In-law relationships

Mental illnesses

Child behavioural problems

Personal growth

Work related problems

Personal problems

Work life balance

Premarital counselling

Family therapy


Conflict management





Relationship/marital problems

Children’s scholastic problems

Individual Counselling

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Couples Counselling

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Family Counselling

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Group Counselling

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RAFC Workshop Services

RAFC offers workshops aimed at individual and couples. Workshops are on the following topics.

Conflict Management

Building a Better Relationship

Sex & Intimacy


Premarital Workshop

Many more… (Workshop topics can also be offered per request).

Psychological Test/Assessment Services

For adults and children that requires psychological assessments. The assessments that are conducted at RAFC are diagnostic, projective, scholastic, intellectual and medico-legal assessments and reports. Psychological tests or assessments can assist to diagnose the problem or disorder that a person is suffering from. It can also assist in making a decision regarding the treatment option of an individual or for legal purposes.

Contact Info

012 004 0669

086 661 3678

Address 1

Room 926, Louis Pasture Hospital

374 Francis Baard

Street, Pretoria Central

Address 2

Room 29, Vista Clinic

135 Gerard Street

Die Hoewes, Centurion